Author: Date: 09.03.2017
Company PassivDom began to print fully self-contained House on 3D printer at home that print in the Ukrainian company PassivDom are completely autonomous and "smart", so for life, you can choose any pleasing place. On site startups said that the company produces standalone self-trained modular homes, created using 3D printing technology. The manufacturer claims that it can build a fully autonomous housing, which will not require any fuel for heating, and thanks to the design and materials used for printing houses, suitable for any climate.

"Module uses only ecologically clean energy from the Sun for all the needs of its inhabitants: climate control (heating and cooling), generating water, air monitoring and oxygen content. The House itself generates electricity for all household appliances, "said on its website.

The walls of the houses create using 3D printing of carbon fiber and fiberglass, and completely cover the solar panels.

Now there are two options for ordering the houses — modulOne and modulDva. The first is a Variant whose area is 36 square meters. The base included the House, decorating, furniture, ready and operating heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water supply and sanitation.

The second option, modulDva, involves the construction of modular homes, consisting of several parts. So you can buy a small house in two parts on 72 "square", and then expand the living space if necessary, adding a couple of more of the same.

ModulOne price starts from 29 900 euros for the base model. Fully loaded cost the buyer in 59 900 euros.

ModulDva House will cost more: the House without "autonomous" functions need to pay 74 900 euros. Fully intelligent and independent from the communications House area of 72 square meters will cost nearly one hundred thousand euros.

Source: hi-news.ru/technology/kompaniya-passivdom-nac..

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