We are glad to offer you new plastic for 3D printing from the company PLEXIWIRE-NYLON (nylon) Ø 1.75 mm.

Author: Date: 15.03.2017
Nylon is crystallizing a hard plastic with high tensile strength and resistance to wear, it is widely used when printing things like Movable joints, gears or other functional parts and mechanisms.

This material is the best choice for producers, engineers, developers and designers.

Filament diameter: 1.75 mm melting point: 245° c.

Price: 300 m \ 825g-540 UAH 400 m \ 1, 1 kg-720 UAH available color: natural Recommendations for printing: nylon (Nylon) should be dried before printing (dry with 80 degrees 2-3 hours), printer-friendly temperature: 245-255 degrees, the temperature was 115 degrees: with fresh glue without airflow, speed-40 if you are able to print on a substrate.

We provide free samples for testing.

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