Author: Date: 17.03.2017
Cazza #3DНовости to build the world's first skyscraper by using 3D printing Startup Cazza Construction Technologies, which deals with 3D printing in architecture and has cooperated with the Government of Dubai, to build the world's first skyscraper by using 3D printing.

Ceo Chris Kelsey explained that the new technology "crane print" would erect buildings at least 80 meters. To Cazza say that 3D printing technology can be used to create structures of concrete and steel-with some parts of the building will be printed on a 3D printer, while others made by traditional methods.

Simply put, while new technology "crane print" it is only known that it "can be easily adapted to existing models of cranes", as well as the fact that it will be associated with the method of smoothing layers ". To Cazza also report that new features will adapt the technology to the strong wind and the necessity of creating smooth walls, on which we have not seen that they are printed on a 3D printer. In General, yet the details of innovation keeps Cazza secret.

Kelsey added that new technologies will build architecturally sophisticated buildings with unprecedented speed is linked to the economy of scale, since the costs will decrease with increasing mass production. Most likely, the first printed on a 3D printer, the skyscraper will be built in the U.A.E. Cazza, but details of the project are not yet known.

Cazza previously announced print project Construction home on 3D printer for only 12:00 am.

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It is clear that the building was not entirely reproduce, but only a box. Although the Chinese have long learned to print at home, admittedly small, 1-2 floors, but quite massively. A huge plus of such technology in speed. A small box of a private home is printed for a few days. When mass construction cost per square metre falls in 3-4 times. That's affordable housing.
Алексей Федоров   |   March 17, 2017, 10:14  
So I highly doubt that if this technology take root in construction, will drop the cost of a square. Housing market has long been divided. Competitors who will knock down prices, there's no waiting. But that sensible idea would support the Summit, I believe. Although life on site is not necessary, and that the Summit can change. Let's take a look.
Иван Широков   |   March 17, 2017, 10:24  
From that drop cost per square meter is not to be, that will drop its price. Just someone who builds, put more himself in the Pocket.
Владислав Заболотный   |   March 18, 2017, 10:15  
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