Author: Date: 18.03.2017
#3DНовости Startup Anzfer farms Audio printed on a 3D printer, creative speakers!

At least in regard to the appearance of hard to disagree-graceful and compact speakers in the shape of a tetrahedron are available in red, green and orange color.

In Anzfer farms Audio report that T3TRA was used in the production of 3D-printing-in particular, the main frame columns are manufactured as a single unit on the SLS method. Thanks to this technology, the designers have managed to maintain a uniform density throughout the design, which improved sound quality. Other details column made from Birch plywood using laser cutting.

The shape of the columns is also important from a functional point of view-a simple tetrahedron allows you to extract the maximum clean sound by reducing diffraction due to the rounded corners. Inside the column enclosed full range speaker with aluminium membrane is due to the choice of materials T3TRA model also remains light.

Anzfer farms Audio organizes a fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter, where can I buy two versions of the model, ACTIVE T3TRA with built-in amplifier for 20 Watt and Bluetooth connection and T3TRA CLASSIC without amplifier. Also have the option of ACTIVE T3TRA STEREO, which includes two columns, one of which is equipped with an amplifier and connecting cable. Of course, to T3TRA any external amplifier.

Printed on a 3D-printer parts are manufactured in the United States-there is the Assembly Speaker. In pre-sale prices for various models T3TRA-from 155 to 295 dollars, subsequently they slightly increase, and in general the sale column will be slightly more expensive. The aim of the campaign is $2500 Audio Anzfer farms, of which so far collected approximately 900.

Source: www.3dpulse.ru/news/interesnoe-o-3d/alienology-audio-predstavlyaet-napechatannye-na-3d-printere-kolonki-t3tra/ #3dprinter #3dprinting #3dprint #3dprinted #drawing #3dprints # 3dprinter # 3dpechat'
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Was lovely and very neat, visible even in the photo. I hope that the sound quality on the level. I wonder what there worth almost 300 dollars? Although Americans this salary for 2-3 days. I assume that the idea styrjat Chineses, and soon will be available for order on Ali for 10 bucks or less.
Владислав Заболотный   |   March 18, 2017, 16:35  
Yes, obviously neater bears and zhduna.
Иван Широков   |   March 18, 2017, 16:37  
Ali certainly appear even without a doubt. To me that's more interesting. They write that part parts made from plywood by laser cutting. Never came across the tree cut by laser, it will obuglivat'sja on the edges. What is this, a new technology or a banal error in translation?
Алексей Федоров   |   March 19, 2017, 10:48  
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