Inkjet printed trjohbitnuju RAM

Author: Date: 12.04.2017
So far, computer memory was used two types of devices: 1) jenergonezavismaja but relatively slow flash memory; 2) volatile fast RAM like DRAM. But the ideal memory combines the advantages of both these types — it must be quick to write and read, but jenergonezavismoj and not crumble including multiple read operations. It is this type of memory is now developing research groups from different companies. One of types of memory — Conductive Bridge RAM (CBRAM), variety of Resistive RAM (ReRAM).

CBRAM really combines the properties of RAM and Flash memory. It has a simple structure type of conductor-dielectric-conductor. Resistance cell electrochemical changes CBRAM way between the two States. If you put the appropriate voltage, metal thread generates the interconnection between two electrodes, which corresponds to a low resistance State ON. The thread can be partially dissolve at different voltage, returning the cell in high impedance state (OFF).

One of the most promising directions in the design — print ReRAM memory cells on an inkjet printer. This process does not require the use of lithography and clean rooms, significantly reducing the cost of electronics manufacturing. Besides using an underlay of cheap film, we get a memory, which is great for flexible electronics. And it significantly expands the scope of electronic devices.

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