Vtb24 introduces paperless office technology

Author: Date: 25.04.2017
Recently the company "Tehnoserv consulting announced the introduction in the Bank Vtb24 technologies" Paperless Office ".
Introducing the "Paperless Office", Vtb24 equips tablets jobs managers receiving visitors. Bank customers will be able to sign right on the screen of this tablet, and not on paper.
The project is characterized as a pilot-testing system in several branches of VTB 24. It is expected that the project will allow the customer to save up to 430 million rubles. in the year, subject to the complete renunciation of the paper on those workplaces where employees meet clients and sell products of the Bank.
Planned savings due to reduced costs for paper, pens, servicing of printers and cartridges for them. Is expected to reduce logistics costs and recovery of lost paper documents.
The Bank has not commented on the price of the introduction of the "paperless office", but noted the project pay for itself within six months. In these calculations includes savings on printed materials and projected sales growth. In addition to the money system should save staff time that is spent on printing and filling out paper forms, sign each sheet.
Especially during the pilot project "Paperless Office" interacts with the system on the platform of Oracle Siebel CRM and service generating SMS-messages. With the introduction of this list filled up storage systems and displaying electronic documents. Biometric identification services can connect the user in getting started with your tablet.
In the pilot project uses Tablet PCs Samsung, but the introduction of the Apple tablet to be implemented
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