New directions for the use of 3D in business

Author: Date: 26.04.2017
When talking about the possibilities of 3D, medicine and in particular prostheses, is known as one of the main areas of application. Still, in terms of aesthetics, convenience, standard prostheses and look "ugly" and not so handy man literally fall to the "stranger". An optimal solution-individual size and conformity of the sample of individual anatomical characteristics of the person. Throw in the cost of the product and get that except 3D, no one better with the task. Of course, 3D model-this is just some form of prosthesis itself is a complex electromechanical construction. However, today, everything becomes easier-any "certain" can be bought through the Internet. Well, here's to create unique models (Forms), just, perfect 3D modeling and printing. Of course need team-doctors, engineers, computer programmers, but this is "details". The direction of interesting and quite promising-anyone out there doesn't know how thing go? I think it is worth paying attention to. See the interesting video of what can modern prosthesis. Just a few years ago this could seem fantastic. Today, artificial hand tomorrow heart, stomach and other artificial organs. Yes, even today, it seems like fiction, but nevertheless, it already is perceived not as something unrealistic, most likely as a matter of time.
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