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Author: Date: 27.04.2017
However! Quite accidentally found information about our (Russian) development of anthropomorphic robot "Fyodor".
Guy a lot and you want to use it for a different kind of space programs (such as Mars exploration), military etc. Still, we are very close to the time when the most incredible "predictions" are starting to come true.

Oh and about predictions for the next future of the concept of German engineer Industry 4.0 1. Michelin will sell no tires, and mileage. The sensor in the wheels, cat. provides alerts in the Tech Center and on their basis are generated account (so now sold tyres for aircraft-auth.).
2. SMART contracts will be formed between the shelf of a supermarket and BOT-vendor sales managers will not be needed. Banks don't need vendor payments are formed from a specific machine bought consumer position.
3. Two-tier flat-head control system/4 outsourcing partners. C/h. Will grow not animal to get meat and meat (muscle tissue). Another option-you can get meat from insects. Lecturer tried plain steak meat and insects on the experiment in Holland and was unable to make the distinction.
5. Home farm will be built right into the kitchen an ordinary apartment. For example, you can create a query of his kitchen: "tomato salad at the weekend" farm in smart apartment grow and pass them to the kitchen. It's all homegrown foods.
6. Non-GMO cultures almost. Generally the only culture in nature for which there is no GMO is Berry watermelon. Soy is already on 100% of the transgenic world.
7. No study, cat. It has proved that the GMO harmful, and there is no scientific evidence that organic food is beneficial for health. People in developed countries where there are GMOs are living longer, it's a statistical fact. (In Europe were all against GMOS clearly, but in the end, Bayer bought Monsanto for $66mlrd-approx. com.)
8. Cars with internal combustion engines (ice)-will no longer be manufactured in Sweden by the year 2025 (i.e. just over 8 years). In Germany-to the year 2035. In the United States by 2025, all cars must be equipped with autopilots.
9.3D printers = completely waste-free production. Already in stores Nike has a 3D scanner, cat. understands the true three-dimensional size of your legs and can "sew" customized sneakers. The Adidas has a factory, which employs 2.5 person per shift, and ... robots.
10. clothes will be built termouzly that warm the whole body, fur coats are not needed, only light jackets. Clothes can itself serve as a screen for the Smartphone. Would say: "send me a picture on a t-shirt."
11. the new old age: graduation to 45 years-youth, up to 64 years of age, up to 85-the elderly, after 85-old age.
12. you can print 3D bodies, as replacement parts for automobiles. In the United States all hospitals until the year 2035 must be provided with a reserve already printed 3D bodies.
IBM digitizes all medkarty in the United States, to create a generic diagnoses and effective drugs.
13. Sensors will be installed in the toilet that will analyze what is called "on the fly", urine and feces and send the results of the analysis of the Diagnostic Center.
14. Training-all in open access, no elite qualifications.
15. generally speaking, as long as there is no economic theory, which described this new reality (although there are teachings about the noosphere Vernadskogo-auth.).
16. The main crisis on the planet-shortage of fresh water, the problem has no solution.
17. Labour will not be needed as such. If you are building a new modern plant-jobs are not created! When investors come new jobs too! Will not be seamstresses, Mr Groisman.
18. Don't need bank clerks, cashiers, suppliers, farms, fields, team drivers, dispatchers, lawyers. Will need only Smart managers: developers-designers-technologists-dizjnery-architects.
IBM now has an electronic lawyer who throws 90% correct recommendations in humans-70%.
19. extreme Liquidity, to put the money. Expect negative deposits when cheaper Bank the money does not carry.
20. And more from this can happen after 8 -10 years. You say-it's impossible. OK! Let's see what was 8-10 years ago. Nokia-50% of the mobile phone market, IBM produces computers, Kodak sells darkroom. All Rainbow waiting ... No messengers, Uber, Arnbnb, Facebook, Twitter, Tesla.
21. Ikea now becomes a service company. Come into the store, like the vase-selected automatic hologram suitable for this vase room (!) and you're inside this room in 3D. In the end, buy ready solution.
22. Car Manufacturers do not sell cars and rent them out. Pokatalsja on BMW 2 months moved to Lexus-3 months, and then to the beloved Zaporozhets-no losses in 30% after buying a new car.
23. Hyperloop, satellite Internet, blokchejn, RFID tags and SSCC codes.

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