First color 3D printer from Mimaki

Author: Date: 15.05.2017
In the year 2015, the Japanese company announced the development of a chance for its first full-color 3D printer.

And here are two years later, the company has demonstrated the first operational prototype of a new 3D printer, which received conditional name 3DUJ-P.

According to the company, today, is the first full-color 3D printer capable of transferring up to 10 000 000 various colors and cover order 84% 39L Fogra color palette. The printer prints in high resolution, which allows to obtain products with very high details. The maximum size of the product is 500x500x300 mm. The printer can produce up to five products maximum size for 10 hours, which is considered a good enough indicator of printing speed even for monochrome 3D printers.

On company's application Mimaki new 3D printer will be on sale at the end of the year 2017. The estimated cost of that printer will be about 200.000 euros.
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