About the Project

Today, there is a huge number of proposals on the market of printing cartridges. There are  original cartridges. There are cartridges refurbished, and original cartridges of  manufacturers printing equipment with a restored resource (usually of the third party), there is a brand new analogue of original cartridge.OEMs, of course,are unhappy with the existence of a parallel industry, and they could be understood. But on the other hand, we also understand usual users, and consumers who would like to reduce their printing costs. Manufacturers of compatible consumables appeal to the need to protect the interests of users. Compatible supplies are the alternative choice to expensive original consumables.
The purpose of this project is to help users to understand what is right or wrong. What decision is the best, in which cases and why? Who are trustworthy and who are not? Ultimately, we hope that this project will help  consumers to find the best manufacturers and suppliers! And in turn customers!
We wish you an interesting and useful business communication!
Good luck in all your undertakings!
Sincerely Yours  Team of "AfterMarket Ideas" project 
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